Islamic Debt Help – Assalamualaikum


Why Islamic Debt Help is the Way Forward?

Islamic Debt Help will help release you from your financial restraints. InshaAllah. At IDH our aim is to help you tackle your debt situation thus enabling you to focus on building your stable future. Yes, there are a number of alternative solutions out there but all of these will charge you an initial joining fee.



At IDH we pledge to donate 100% of your joining fee to charity. We will also donate 10% of your monthly payment to Charity of your choice throughout the duration of your agreement.



What Makes IDH (Islamic Debt Help) Special?



IDH will  complete a review of your finances and work out a comfortable amount you can pay back. We will take into consideration your expenses, bills and all outgoings in order for IDH to liaise with your creditors and agree upon a repayment plan you are happy with.



The Qur’an states:



3:130 ”O you who have believed, do not consume usury, doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful”


2:275 ”Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest”

IDH will help free you from committing this sin. We will aim to wipe all the interest of your account leaving you to pay back just the original debt. We will also freeze all the additional interest charges to your debts ensuring you a riba(interest) free future.



IDH will deal directly with the companies you owe money to, so you don’t have to. We will consolidate all your payments into one easy to manage monthly payment,InshaAllah.



IDH will help you get debt free as fast as you can comfortably afford. As long as you keep up with the payments as agreed, IDH guarantee to clear all your debts by the time you leave,InshaAllah.



From the moment you make your initial enquiry to your last payment, IDH will be with you all the way throughout the process. We treat you as an individual as oppose to just another client. We will always be here for you,InshAllah.

At IDH our account managers work diligently to seek a full and final settlement from your creditors, InshaAllha (God Willing).



Islamic Debt Help – Solutions Available to You

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